Badgr is a free end-to-end platform for collecting, organizing, sharing and issuing Open Digital Badges. Badgr can be used inside Canvas and also be used to recognize learning that takes place outside of Canvas by offering individual or bulk-badging capabilities.

Cost: Free Per License

Key Features

  • Visualize Learning | Badgr Pathways provide stackable, easy-to-understand visual maps that help learners understand where they are and what to do next.
  • Teach | Badgr for Canvas is a free service that enables organizations to automatically issue Open Badges to learners as they complete modules in their Canvas courses. Setup takes 5 minutes for an instructor or administrator, and students can receive and manage their badges without the need to create a Badgr account.
  • Analyze & Report | Badgr Pro for Canvas lets institutions track and manage the badges their students are earning across multiple Canvas courses and helps administrators analyze student success across the institution.
  • Discover | BadgeRank is a search engine which indexes Open Badges from organizations and platforms around the world to help learners and educators find relevant digital credentials.
  • Verify | BadgeCheck validates the metadata associated with digital badges from any Open Badges-compliant platform. You can trust that a badge represents an authentic learning achievement because they are all verifiable in real time.

Issue verifiable digital badges.

Learners can earn multiple badges on their learning journey.

Creating and issuing badges is easy

Track the badges you’ve issued.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Since its launch in 2015, Badgr has grown from a simple open-source project into one of the world’s leading credentialing platforms trusted by over 10,000 partner organizations around the world. Badgr was selected as the native badging system for Canvas, and serves up fully verifiable digital credentials for millions of users around the world. On August 15, 2018, Mozilla announced that it would retire the Mozilla Backpack and pass that role to Badgr.

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