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Learning & Training

Digital learning tools can extend education through anytime, anywhere distance learning on computers or mobile devices. Learning management systems (LMS) support course administration while simpler content sharing platforms enable quick sharing and organization of activities or information. Digital tools can increase engagement and accelerate learning through formative assessment to adjust instruction to better meet needs and through personalization. Instructional resources can be selected for specific student level, needs, and interests.

Strategies for Learning & Training

Tech Within Instruction

The SAMR framework helps you think through how you intend for technology to impact teaching and learning; namely: will it Substitute, Augment, Modify, or Redefine how teaching and learning occur?

Evaluating Tech Tools

There are lots of technologies available, but how do you decide which one best meets your needs? The TTALE Rubric provides a helpful set of criteria you can use to evaluate instructional resource options.

Digital Learning Guide

Options providing anywhere, anytime access allow for greater flexibility and support blended learning. Don’t miss helpful guidance to teachers and administrators in the IDEAL Distance & Blended Learning Handbook

Support Learner Success

Increase learner persistence and success by offering virtual coaching through texting, calls or video-conference or other forms of Mentorship and Support as well as incentives such as prizes through lotteries or certificates.

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