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Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are robust software applications for the development, administration, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or programs. They support course authoring and/or collating or adaptation of existing curriculum. LMS differ greatly in cost, user interface and experience, mobile optimization, and features available for instruction, student support, reporting and more.

Cost Range: Free to over $100/learner

Considerations for Selecting an LMS »

Considerations for Selecting an LMS

Offline Use

Some LMS work offline on smartphones through native mobile apps. A solution that enables studying on simple phones is Cell-Ed which hosts interactive text & audio lessons.

Open Source

Moodle and Open EdX are examples of free open source systems. You can use and adapt their software code to meet your needs, and can either host instances on your own server or pay for hosting services.

Simple Navigation

Most LMS require a certain level of digital literacy to register and navigate through lessons. Edmodo, Schoology, Moodle, and Cell-Ed offer relatively simple user interfaces.


LMS vary in reporting capacities in terms of what user interactions are tracked as well as whether key information is readily available for users to view or must be pulled through running reports. LMS that automatically flag most common missed questions or other problem areas enable programs to adjust instruction just in time.

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