Cell-Ed offers anytime, anywhere mobile learning by delivering micro-lessons and coaching over any device, even basic phones without internet. Cell-Ed’s complete training and communications platform provides partners a way to track and engage learner progress and customize to goals, while accessing Cell-Ed’s complete mobile learning catalog or custom content.

Cost: Custom Per Usage Per License

Key Features

  • Complete mobile-optimized Training and Communications Platform / LMS
  • Additional product offerings include enhanced data analytic reporting, Readability Index Engine with searchable web and editor tools, and pathway programs (see Cell-Ed Works)
  • Robust mobile learning course catalog of interactive micro-lessons, which integrate life and work skills
  • Live & automated bilingual coaches who provide support and encouragement through talk and text
  • Customization options include private labeling and conversion or development of partner content

Cell-Ed’s complete mobile training and communications platform and service works on any device.

Cell-Ed teaches through interactive voice and multimedia lessons and web/text messages.

Enhanced tools include Readability Engine and survey, reporting and texting tools.

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • Learners’ reading levels leaped 2 to 4 years in just 4 months Randomized Controlled Trial, UCLA, Tufts & Oxford Universities, 2014
  • UCLA Doctoral Dissertation based on Cell-Ed by Dr. Karla Perez-Mendoza Texting conscientizaçao? A study of immigrant Latina/o adults and mobile learning, 2014
  • National Product Trial 2016 results placed Cell-Ed on top above brand name digital language learning competitors—91% user satisfaction and >20% higher engagement and usability, 2016
  • UNESCO UIL publish ed Cell-Ed Case Study – Cell-Ed: innovative education through cell phones (2018)
  • Proven to raise standardized scores for literacy and language programs after a one year field trial learning XPRIZE Adult Literacy Finalist and Communities Competition status, 2019

What They're Saying

“We have seen learners begin a lesson with 10% of English-language understanding, and by the end are achieving in the 80th percentile or higher in their post-exam. Cell-Ed is the gold standard for all English literacy programming in the United States.”
— Dr. Laura Gonzalez-Murphy, Director, New York State Office for New Americans

“When I was told we would be using an English app, I thought it would be like all the others. I was so surprised by how unique [Cell-Ed] is. I love the pronunciation and repeat parts. I am weak in speaking so it helps build my confidence.”
— Silvia, Global Luxury Hotel Chain, Dallas

“Cell-Ed is more impressive when used on a phone as opposed to an app…We see the true innovation of Cell-Ed as bringing the content to users who cannot afford (or decipher) expensive technology.”
—Carole Bausell, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Like most e-learning programs, Cell-Ed has even highest usage rates 75% to 99% when integrated into instruction through a blended learning model.
  • It is a great option for pure distance learning with lower skilled adults as email and internet is not required.
  • Depending on program cohort and customization options, partners experience anywhere from 10% to 30% (e.g. Mobile Up Project) to 100% completion rates for programs.
  • Cell-Ed is especially notable for teaching the hardest to reach – those who have little to no internet access and lack foundational skills (e.g. literacy, language, numeracy, work readiness)
  • To increase outcomes, programs can pay for more intensive coaching or provide their own.
  • Programs can also add incentives such as upskilling pathways or bonuses for learners which increase completion.

Case Study

graduate from mobile learning programThe EdTech Center field tested the mobile learning technology Cell-Ed to evaluate its ability to upskill frontline home health aides unable to attend classes and extend and personalize learning beyond the classroom for health care and frontline hotel employees.

Its review of learner engagement in both blended and 100% distance learning models showed Cell-Ed’s flexibility to be used in both environments as well as for learners with different learning patterns and challenges.

  • Additional Findings:
    95% of hotel frontline employees studied on Cell-Ed outside of class
  • Workers studied up to 60 hours on their own time
  • Teachers saw score increases on the TABE and CASAS exams
  • Home health care aide qualified for a 10% wages increase after passing English exam
Read the Full report
Other Digital Resources

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The High Cost of Invisibility: Low-literate Adults Go Unseen In Today’s Job Market ​3.2018
Article written by Unreasonable Group as Cell-Ed is a Project Literacy Lab Company aiming to close the literacy gap by 2030

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