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Formative Assessment

Formative assessment provides feedback to teachers and students in the course of learning rather than afterwards (summative assessment). Immediate feedback from tech tools allows instruction to be adjusted just in time to better meet learner needs. Most tools —but not all— depend on learners to access a device and internet. Some are meant to be used by a class all at the same time, while others can be used individually by learners anytime, anywhere. Some popular tools include gaming.

Considerations for Selecting Formative Assessment Tools »

Considerations for Selecting Formative Assessment Tools

Connectivity & Access

Tools such as Remind, EZTexting, and Poll Everywhere allow for students to answer questions through SMS texting, an effective strategy that doesn’t require the internet nor a smartphone. Plickers allow for whole class formative assessment simply through the use of an instructor’s smartphone.

Real-Time Reporting

Most formative assessment and survey tools, including Kahoot, Mentimeter, and even Google Forms provide real-time, graphical displays of learner responses. Kahoot incorporates gaming to make formative assessment engaging for learners.

Embedding & Integration

A number of assessment tools can be integrated into other online learning tools you already may be using. Tools such as Quizlet and Padlet allow you to embed the interactivity directly into a website or LMS page, making the user experience seamless as students engage with instructional content.

Variety & Open Response

More than just multiple choice, tools such as wooclap offer interactivities including prioritization, sorting, and locating information on an image to increase learner engagement  Tools such as Padlet and Facebook Groups provide a simple way for you to ask open-ended questions get immediate feedback.

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