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Assessment & Matching

Technology can help assess basic competencies or industry-specific skills to evaluate individuals’ or groups’ strengths or training needs and identify those ready for further opportunities. Credentialing validates competencies gained. Formal and informal tools that fairly assess individuals’ competencies, prior experience, and interests can help “screen in” applicants who are qualified but whom traditional resume applications may “screen out” from opportunities. Tools can also refer individuals to training programs or careers for which they are well matched but might not have known existed. 

Strategies for Assessment & Matching »

Strategies for Assessment & Matching

Skill Documentation

Assessments such as WorkKeys and the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment help jobseekers assess their foundational academic and digital skills and earn certificates and badges that validate those competencies for  which they’ve demonstrated proficiency.

Prior Learning & Experience

My Skills, My Future shows jobseekers how skills gained from previous work experience relates to other careers. SkillSmart and Torqworks document skills from previous work and educational experience and match these skills to employer needs.


Interest and skill self-assessments such as My Next Move help jobseekers see what jobs match their interests or skills. Tools such as PAIRIN give learners insights into their strengths and mindsets in relation to career readiness.

Understand AI Algorithms

Practitioners must help adults understand how algorithms are used to score their performance and help ensure assessments are unbiased. Read about HireVue as an example of Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzing video interviews for word choice, tone, and facial movement.

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