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Organizational Management

Technology can promote greater efficiency and impact by facilitating better communication, project workflow and documentation, and financial management and fundraising. It also can improve operations and strategy through streamlining of program data. Though many available tools were created for business, they are viable solutions for any organization and are flexibly priced to accommodate scale. NTEN and TechSoup help nonprofits learn to use technologies to improve operations and provide access to free and discounted licenses.

Strategies for Organizational Management »

Strategies for Organizational Management

Work + Project Management

Work and communication platforms such as Airtable, Asana, Basecamp, GSuite, Slack, SmartSheet, Trello, and Todoist help improve project and task management as well as collaboration between teams. Sign-Up Genius is popular for managing volunteers.

Data Visualization and Sharing

From tools within Google sheets to sophisticated programs such as Tableau, data visualization tools help you gather, organize, and analyze data. Tools such as Canva, Easel.ly, and Venngage help you share data in visually engaging ways.


Web conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts allow you to broadcast presentations or conduct virtual meetings. Tools such as Skype allow for one-on-one or group video calls.

Client Management

Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Salesforce can be used to track donors and adapted for case management needs for client-serving programs.

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