Tableau is a data visualization platform designed to help people to see and understand data. As organizations gather more data and analytics about customers and clients, donors and beneficiaries, Tableau makes analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful, to help organizations use data to make decisions and solve problems.

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Key Features

  • Natural Language Inquiries | Tableau allows you to ask natural language questions to gather answers and insights in an instant.
  • Connect Data from Multiple Sources | Tableau’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to connect data from multiple sources, whether it’s a spreadsheet, database, or big data.
  • Quickly Analyze Data | Tableau Prep Builder allows you to see all your data at a glance, and its user interface helps you quickly combine, transform, and shape your data for analysis.
  • View on any Device | Tableau’s simple-to-use tools make it easy to view and manipulate data on tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and smartphones.

Coordinated views let you see row-level data, column profiles, and your entire data preparation process.

Connect to data on premises or in the cloud, whether it’s a database or spreadsheet.

Open your output with Tableau Desktop and share it via Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Evidence of Effectiveness

As part of the Built to Zero program and using Tableau’s visual dashboards to track veterans experiencing homelessness, the city of Abilene, Texas was able to place all of the city’s homeless veterans into housing in just 10 months by coordinating local agencies around centralized real-time data. 

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