All types of organizations—small businesses, non-profits, workforce boards, and community-based organizations—use Salesforce to give them a single, unified view of every interaction with clients/students, prospects, supporters, funders, volunteers, and partners. Salesforce uses social, mobile, and cloud technologies to connect all information, from everybody, from every point of contact.

Cost: Custom Per Usage Per License Free Trial

Key Features

Salesforce offers a suite of products that can help organizations:

  • Manage external relationships, contacts, and interactions
  • Understand customer/client interactions, behaviors, and preferences through powerful reports and analytics
  • Personalize external communications across email, social media, advertising, and other services
  • Collaborate via chat, checklists, and project management right in your documents, spreadsheets, and slides

With Salesforce you can keep detailed contact information for your students, clients, partners, and funders.

Manage your volunteer activity with Salesforce.

Salesforce provides tools for robust case management.

Detailed dashboards give powerful insights about interactions, activities, and programs.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Over 150,000 companies use Salesforce CRM to grow their businesses by strengthening customer relationships making it the worlds #1 Customer Relationship Management platform among small and large businesses and nonprofits organizations.

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