Kahoot! makes it easy to create, share, and play learning games and quizzes in class. It’s game-based platform helps teachers make learning fun and engaging through interactive quizzes and polls.

Cost: Free Freemium Per License Learn more about pricing.

Key Features

Kahoot’s suite of products lets teachers:

  • Create and host learning games in class
  • Access editable game templates
  • Access an Image library with millions of images
  • Organize Kahoots in folders
  • View and share detailed visual reports

Create kahoots on the go when creativity sparks.

Launch and host games directly from a computer or phone.

Challenge learners with fun, engaging, and accessible quizzes and games.

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • Janitors with Building Skills Partnership studying citizenship in California use Kahoot! to help measure their readiness for the 100 question citizenship interview and identify topics or questions that need further review.

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