Moodle is an open source learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. With thousands of available plugins, Moodle can be downloaded onto an organization’s own web server and customized to fit a wide range of needs.

Cost: Free

Key Features

  • Open Source | Because it is open source and backed by a worldwide community of developers committed to adding new features and updating and enhancing current features, Moodle continues to include many of the features of other proprietary learning management systems, at no cost.
  • Easy to Use | A simple interface, drag-and-drop features, and well-documented resources along with ongoing usability improvements make Moodle easy to learn and use.
  • Mobile-Friendly | With a default mobile-compatible interface and cross-browser compatibility, content on the Moodle platform is easily accessible and consistent across different web browsers and devices.
  • Fully Customizable | Because it is open-source, Moodle can be customized in any way and tailored to individual needs. Its modular setup and interoperable design allows developers to create plugins and integrate external applications, enabling organizations to extend what Moodle does by using freely available plugins and add-ons.

Easy-to-configure layouts allow instructors to manage all course information and resources in one place.

Integrate discussion topics into courses to foster learner communication, collaboration, and participation.

Over 1,500 downloadable plugins allow you to customize moodle to meet your organization’s needs.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Powering tens of thousands of learning environments globally, Moodle is trusted by institutions and organizations large and small, including Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York, Microsoft, and the Open University. Moodle’s worldwide numbers of more than 90 million users across both academic and enterprise level usage makes it the world’s most widely used learning platform.

What They're Saying

“World Education uses Moodle extensively across many projects, including for training out of school migrant youth in New England states and across Cambodia and for educating healthcare workers across Africa. The fact that Moodle is open source allows World Education and its partners to adapt it easily as needed to meet the needs of specific projects. Additionally, World Education relies on the Moodle mobile app so learners also can access curriculum content offline through the app.”

—Alison Ascher Webber, World Education

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