Schoology is a learning management system coupled with assessment management, putting all the tools students and faculty need at their fingertips so they can focus on teaching and learning. With seamless integration regardless of what technologies instructors and students use, Schoology helps improve student performance, foster collaboration, and personalize learning.

Cost: Free Per License

Key Features

  • By bringing together learning and assessment in one system, the standards used to develop curriculum match the standards used to assess knowledge. This coordination between the two ensures all students, classes, and schools are working towards the same goals.
  • Schoology includes a catalog of preconnected apps that integrate seamlessly into its platform, allowing instructors to discover new applications to engage students and increase productivity via its built­in-app marketplace.
  • Schoology enables faculty to create and join groups that foster a sense of community and increase collaboration across the institution. Group content libraries simplify the sharing of instructional resources and enable instructors to add them to their courses instantly.
  • Public groups provide collaborative spaces that are open to Schoology users around the world, providing robust professional learning communities where instructors can share ideas and expand their own knowledge-base.
  • Public resources provide a massive library of user-­generated lessons, assignments, assessments, and more.

Schoology keeps students engaged because it’s similar to the technologies they use outside the classroom.

Teachers can easily add resources to courses while collaboratively sharing resources with other teachers.

Schoology’s embedded assessment and reporting tools provide teachers and districts with real-time student performance data.  


Evidence of Effectiveness

Schoology is used by millions of teachers and learners around the world and is the LMS of choice for thousands of districts because of the way it integrates instruction and high-level assessment as part of the same workflow.

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