Degreed helps learners build the skills they want and need. With a library of relevant content that supports over 1,500 skills, learners can earn Skill Certifications to showcase the skills and competencies they have. The Degreed platform also helps companies train and up-skill their employees in a user-driven environment.

Cost: Free Per License

Key Features

  • Learn Smarter | Find all the resources needed to learn new skills—millions of courses, videos, articles, books, podcasts and experts from thousands of sources.
  • Build Skills | Set goals, track progress and build skills, however and wherever learners want to.
  • Show Expertise | Measure and certify skills using Skill Certification badges.
  • Get Insights | Get insights on everything a learner and groups of learners are learning, as well as their skill sets.

Choose the skills you want to learn.

Create a personalized learning plan.

Earn and share Skill Certifications.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Over 3 million people at over 150 organizations are building the skills they need to advance in the workforce and life through Degreed.

What They're Saying

“Degreed allows organizations to inventory their existing employees, train them, and track it all. And, when employees do have external training or experience, have the company give them credit for it—I think that‘s critical.”

—Mark Cuban, American businessman, investor, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks

“The one thing Degreed does better than anyone else is curate and push content that’s relevant, timely and on-demand. I think there’s no other system today that beats that.”

—Sam Haider, Former CLO, Atlassian

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