Voxy is an award-­winning digital English training solution designed for global teams, with personalized lessons that can be accessed both on the web and on any mobile device. Voxy has over 60,000 hours of authentic digital English content, with certified teachers offering around­-the­-clock group and individual live online instruction.

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Key Features

  • Patented content and lesson creation technology paired with certified online teachers improve English learning by adapting and personalizing instruction for each individual.­
  • Career-­aligned content and courses spanning a variety of industries support learners with the skills they actually need to get their job done and achieve professional success with English.
  • A comprehensive analytics interface—the Voxy Command Center—provides visibility into learner and program data needed data to drive key business decisions.
  • Live online instruction with certified, native English­-speaking teachers offered round­-the­-clock in group and private class settings.
  • Voxy’s Needs Analysis engine draws upon machine learning to leverage learners’ goals and interests in order to provide targeted learning recommendations from over 20,000+ pieces of instructional content and live instruction.
Voxy’s General English course homepage for High (Advanced) Beginners
The Voxy Command Center is an intuitive management and reporting platform to help drive business decisions.

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • On average, over 90% of Voxy learners improve their English proficiency when they use the platform as recommended. The virtual, live instruction drives significantly bigger gains. Learn more on the Voxy blog.

What They're Saying

“It was very important for us to have a solution that could not only help all employees to improve their English but which could also provide an innovative, modern solution available on all devices. We chose Voxy because of its content, proficiency tests to let employees track their progress, and the ability for learners to practice English anywhere, anytime.”
–Christine Armand, Learning & Development Manager, Air France

“We’ve noticed that people really do see value in the program, because, even a year and a half after launching Voxy, we often have new employees reaching out to us, interested in participating after hearing about their colleagues’ positive experiences.” ­

–Ana Claudia Gonçalves, HR Manager, Campari Group

“We chose Voxy as our preferred partner due to a great combination of linguistic professionalism, advanced technology, and business services. Voxy helps our team members facilitate knowledge transfer across different geographies, which is critical at our global company.” ­

–Lisbeth Elholm Andersen, Senior Learning & Development Consultant, Grundfos

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Establish clear criteria for selecting participants, with ideal participants using English to a certain capacity for work.
  • Provide clear study requirements / recommendations for participants, so that they know exactly what is expected of them.
  • Effective programs implement a project manager who is in contact with participants on a monthly basis, follows up with low engaged participants, recognizes highly engaged participants, reports on progress to other stakeholders, etc.
  • Program manager implements ongoing engagement strategies with the group.
  • Align the program with company priorities and participants’ professional development needs.
  • Many successful programs tie compliance with the English program to the participant’s performance review and even bonus awards.

Case Study

Campari and Voxy’s Combined Effort Drives Engagement, Proficiency Gains, and Employee Satisfaction

cover image of Voxy Campari Report

Click on the report to read the PDF.

Campari established a partnership with Voxy in December 2016, hoping to increase employee engagement in language training initiatives and their ROI, and saw increases in employee engagement and in language proficiency.

Read the Case Study summary
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