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CrowdED Learning

CrowdED Learning provides a growing range of resources and tools that aggregate and organize free and open education resources around core skills for adult learners. The Skill Directories provide listings of high-quality, subject-specific resources recommended by adult educators in 11 content areas, including academic, employability, and 21st-Century competency areas.

Cost: Free

Key Features

  • All resources are completely free have been referred by adult educators who use them with their students.
  • Resources are regularly monitored and updated to be certain they are still active.
  • Educators always have the opportunity to suggest new resources.
  • Subject-level directories can be downloaded so teachers can add/modify lists as they see fit.
  • Resource standards alignment documents allow instructors to easily find free resources specifically aligned to the topics they teach. 

Skill Directories provide listings of high-quality resources in academic, employability, and 21st century competency areas.

The Digital Skills Library is an organized resource set to help learners develop basic skills.

We create free digital resources to enhance high-quality curriculum, like this set of vocabulary Quizlets.

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • CrowdED Learning has been fully vetted by the EdTech Center @ World Education and was selected as an EdTech Partner due to its expertise, focus and commitment to expanding the use of high-quality, free and open education resources within adult education.
  • What They're Saying

    ““I think this is an amazing resource for our teachers and I am excited to share this with them!”

    “I am so excited about this! I get discouraged with all the possible information and resources out there. Thank you for doing this for instructors.”

    “This resource is uber-awesome!”

    Key Tips for Implementation

    • All of our resources are designed to make it easier for instructors to integrate free and open education resources into instruction.
    • Download Skill Directories for the subjects you teach, explore resources that would work well for students, and integrate into lessons or share them within your own website or learning management system.
    • Directly link to any of our resource sets within the Digital Skills Library to provide learners with a variety of resources to build skills in any area where they need support.
    Other Digital Resources

    Each Skill Directory can be downloaded and modified by instructors however they see fit.

    The Digital Skills Library is designed to provide learners multiple options for learning digital skills.

    Directly link to a growing list of free, standards-aligned resources in Reading, Language, and Mathematics. 

    The CrowdED Musings blog features a new, high-quality resource the first Friday of every month.

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