Codecademy offers online coding tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions, immediate feedback, a global community of coaches and advisors, and a tested curriculum. With coding skills needed by businesses and organizations everywhere, Codecademy courses provide great opportunities for adult learners to develop the skills needed for high-growth, in-demand jobs.


Cost: Free Per License

Key Features

    • Free Courses | With a number of free courses available, learners can explore the core foundations of coding to see what interests them. Most free courses take anyone from non-technical to “I can code” in fewer than 11 hours.
    • In-Depth Curriculum | Learning paths in the areas of code foundations, computer science, web development, and data science provide self-paced foundational learning in current, high-demand areas of coding expertise.
    • Interactive Practice | Each course provides interactive practice where learners can get immediate feedback as they learn and apply the new code. Learners can also drill new material with 85 coding quizzes to help them feel comfortable and confident.
    • Support and Guidance | With a global community of coaches, advisors, and Codecademy graduates available for course enrollees, as well as a Codecademy community forum,  there’s always someone to answer learner questions as they learn new skills.




Paths are structured learning journeys taken at your own pace toward your desired outcome.

Introductory courses allow learners to explore coding with no cost and minimal time commitment.

The interactive practice provides immediate feedback, hints, and guidance as you learn new code.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Over 45 million people have trusted Codecademy to learn to code.

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