CareAcademy provides online professional development for caregivers of older adults through videos and learning activities on a mobile-optimized platform. Care Academy helps home care agencies and healthcare enterprise employers more efficiently recruit, onboard, train and retain caregivers. Engaging scenario-based content is curated for the needs of caregivers and the health needs of clients.

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Key Features

  • Caregivers can learn anywhere, anytime on their smartphone, and they are encouraged to complete training via text message and email reminders.
  • Engaging bit-sized, scenario-based content to ensure that caregivers understand the correct and incorrect means of providing care
  • Curriculum building feature for personalizing training requirements across an agency and for individual caregivers
  • Proprietary platform for helping home care and aging-related businesses manage their employee training and reporting requirements across multiple offices and compare across the system.
  • Print out live training records for individual agencies and caregivers.
  • Bilingual customer success team for administrators and caregivers.


Evidence of Effectiveness

  • Based on the article published in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society, after completing CareAcademy falls prevention class, 92% of caregivers reported they were very confident in their knowledge about risk factors for falls and interventions for falls prevention.
  • In a pilot with Comfort Keepers Sodexo, the Research and Development Offices saved on average five hours a week on training needs and requirements based on a number of factors including efficiency of the platform and caregiver knowledge.
  • Over 32,000 caregivers have used CareAcademy to learn and grow professionally, and many have upskilled to higher paying healthcare work.

What They're Saying

CareAcademy has been an efficient and easy to use solution for training or refreshing caregivers with various work schedules within our large home care agency. Giving them the flexibility to work on the various classes from their own computer gives them ownership and accountability because it is in their hands. This is much simpler than trying to find a common time to have caregivers come in for on-site classes. It is simple to enter caregiver data and Care Academy takes care of the rest! The continual prompts and reminders the caregivers receive are wonderful and takes the work away from the office staff. Care Academy is a great system!

Carissa Lindquist, Visiting Angels

A lot of our caregivers are getting enrolled into Care Academy and taking advantage of their opportunity to complete the trainings on their own free time, and we find that they are completing things much more quickly…This really does help you [as a company] with your expansion because your caregivers are able to complete their training requirements wherever they are.”

 Kevin Smith, President, Best of Care

“The convenience. You can take it at your own pace, on your own time. It really has helped me with my job a lot.”

– Lorraine, Home Health Aide, Best of Care

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Have the names, phone, and email of your caregivers ready for classes
  • Beyond state requirements, decide which competencies are needed by your caregivers. Personalize and adapt your curriculum.
  • There are plans to fit agencies at any level of scale.
  • Reach out to 1-866-227-3895 to schedule a demonstration and find what fits your agency.


Case Study

The EdTech Center @ World Education led field testing of Care Academy in early 2019 to help pilot a new blended learning course leading to certification for home health aides.  In-home domestic caregivers studied each week over 10 hours of instruction online before going to an in-person four-hour class for hands-on-practice of the skills studied. Almost all caregivers completed this rigorous schedule over 6 weeks, logging the over 80 hours to qualify them home health care certification in the state of Massachusetts. Researchers found Care Academy fast-tracked the certification of home health care aides, saving them time and money. Participants shared that the intensive schedule was motivating to them that they could gain certification in only 6 weeks and the creative use of video made the lessons engaging and comprehensible.

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