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The Change Agent—Audio Files

The Change Agent provides relevant, student-written content. Audio versions of articles are sortable by level and help students practice reading fluency, pronunciation, and speaking and listening. Access costs $20 per teacher per year, less if you buy in bulk. Students log in for FREE using their teacher’s log-in credentials.

Cost: Per License Learn more about pricing.

Key Features

  • Learners can follow the text while hearing it out loud, which aids comprehension and shows what punctuation “sounds” like.
  • Leveled text helps learners access the articles that are most accessible and then step up gradually to articles that are gradually more complex.
  • Articles are written by adult learners and so have a peer-to-peer quality.
  • The Change Agent promotes student persistence by providing content that is engaging and relevant to adults and reminds readers that we can all be agents of change.

A student listens to Change Agent audio while following the text on the screen.

Two students look over an article in The Change Agent.

The Health issue includes student writing about food, stress, diabetes, HIV, insurance, etc.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Teaching with materials that are relevant to students’ lives (such as health, food, jobs, immigration, etc.) increases student persistence.

What They're Saying

“Since discovering The Change Agent, I have marveled at the high quality materials it offers— articles and truly well thought-out extensions activities. I have the highest regard for your work. You are truly making a difference.”

—Beverly Keim, ESOL teacher, Vermont Adult Learning

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