Edovo provides incarcerated individuals with an extensive library of educational and vocational programming, specifically designed for correctional environments and adult learners. Utilizing tablet technology Edovo is able to deliver self-guided educational content to entire jail and prison populations, all at no cost to the incarcerated learner.

Cost: Custom Program costs for agencies vary based on tablet quantities.

Key Features

  • Unique learn-to-earn model | learners earn points for time spent on substantive programming that they can then spend on entertainment like movies, music, and games.
  • Nationally recognized job certifications | Edovo provides training on multiple nationally recognized job certifications like Cisco Networking, ServSafe, and CDL license.
  • Edovo Goals | In addition to self-driven discovery and content exploration, Edovo provides users with curated courses and training based upon personally selected goals. This structured path helps promote continued engagement and course completion.
  • Robust GED Preparation | Edovo features a comprehensive GED training program that can independently prepare incarcerated learners to pass the GED or supplement existing in person programming.
  • Custom Content Creation | Edovo’s course editor allows educators and staff to create or upload custom courses, assessments, and informational resources specific to their facility and community.

Individual accounts allow learners to continue their courses and entertainment where they left off.

Course reports show learners completion percentage, time spent, grades, and complete transcripts.

In-course assessments provide a unique opportunity to engage learners beyond basic viewership

Evidence of Effectiveness

Edovo’s platform and training program have seen nearly 80% week to week engagement from incarcerated individuals of all learning levels. Over 100k incarcerated individuals have engaged with Edovo, completing over 1 million hours of programming, 340k job skill courses, and 18 million minutes of educational training.

What They're Saying

“It’s been a great program from day one. Edovo provides a comprehensive learning platform that the inmates truly enjoy using. The best part, and what separates Edovo from all other vendors, is that everything for the inmate is free.”

“I have never been able to sit in my office while the students are in the dayroom. They are quiet, focused, and engaged.”

“Thank you so much Edovo! I am learning so much from your programs that I’m excited to wake up each morning and continue my journey toward being a productive member of society. Last year while incarcerated without tablets, I received 64 infraction tickets. This year, because of the Edovo program, I have not received any infractions at all. I’m excited about learning now, and I feel more.”

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Edovo works with our facility partners to determine educational goals and outcomes, and we establish criteria to help measure and achieve program success.
  • Edovo places a focus on evidence-based programming and consistent platform development. Ensuring that content is truly beneficial and engaging for the incarcerated users and that the interface is highly accessible and reliable are essential for proper implementation and program success.
Other Digital Resources

Edovo LMS Overview

Edovo Overview Video

Edovo learners working together on their educational courses.

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