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PAIRIN Curriculum

PAIRIN’s curriculum includes 300 micro-lessons delivered online or in the classroom, addressing 54 soft skills versioned for high school students or adults. This competency-based curriculum package uses the results from The PAIRIN Survey to deliver personalized curriculum based on each individual’s or group’s career goals and skill gaps.

Cost: Per License (individual, flat)

Key Features

  • More than 300 personalized curriculum micro-lessons to help develop 54 different soft skills – each is competency-based, with an accompanying rubric for self-, peer-, and instructor-assessment the skills needed before starting on the job
  • Lessons can be delivered online or in the classroom setting and are versioned for high school students or adults ages 18+ years
  • Interactive, social learning experience with ongoing self-assessment, built-in instructor grading and feedback tools, and designed to be accessible from any device including desktop and mobile
  • Can be integrated into any SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS)
  • Credly badges issued for each course at the completion
Individuals can view their unique strengths.
A user-friendly dashboard organizes curriculum options.
Courses feature interactive, engaging content.

Evidence of Effectiveness

At the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs, a group of students was working to study and develop leadership and community service skills. PAIRIN’s soft skills assessment, coaching techniques, and online curriculum were used for personalized learning. The PAIRIN Survey was used at the beginning of the program to provide a baseline and at the end to measure growth over time. Students completed a total of 106 online curriculum modules over the course of the school, and 97% experienced meaningful growth. For example, one of those students averaged a 29% growth in scores related to the online curriculum modules they completed.

What They're Saying

“PAIRIN’s training, exercises, rubrics and modules prepared me for integrating skills learning into all of my lessons. The impact was extremely significant to the achievement of my students!”

– Kara Blakey, Middle School Teacher

“Teaching EC Skills does not take time away from teaching content, it actually adds time in, due to improved classroom management and the increased ability of students to learn.”

— Beth Bean, Middle School Teacher

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Prior to any skills modules, learners should first experience the “Setting the Stage” module which prepares learners for what to expect from the PAIRIN curriculum.
  • Start with “The Imperatives,” as they are the foundation for learning the higher-order skills contained in the rest of the curriculum.
Other Digital Resources

The PAIRIN Curriculum guide provides full details on instruction, design and details.

This sample classroom lesson includes teacher and student materials for the Decision-Making lesson.

The PAIRIN Curriculum Methodology White Paper details the principles upon which it was built.

This case study details how one post-secondary institution benefitted from PAIRIN Curriculum.

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