FastForward is a comprehensive, online, mobile-friendly study system to prepare for high school equivalency exams (GED, HiSET, and TASC tests). It is designed for classroom use or independent study. Students can study anytime, anywhere with internet connectivity. Studies show 90% of GED test-takers using FastForward pass and earn a GED.

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Key Features

  • Flexible | Use anytime, anywhere connectivity allows.
  • Self-paced Features | Personalized study plan, step-by-step instructions and feedback
  • Interactive | Includes animations, instructional videos, practice
  • Supportive | Features text-to-speech, customizable background colors, online tools
  • Cost Effective | Includes pre-test and official GED Ready test vouchers

FastForward – mobile, multi-platform learning system for GED, HiSET, TASC test preparation

FastForward – Opening screen for students (all subjects)

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • Independent studies show 90% of GED test-takers utilizing FastForward for prep, pass and earn a GED credential.
  • Teachers and students alike endorse FastForward as an effective online training program for high school equivalency test preparation.

What They're Saying

“I really love the variety of the information in FastForward. What I hear from all the age groups is that after using FastForward, they truly feel prepared when they take the exam.”

–Lynne Ralston, District Resource Teacher, Hillsborough Co. Public Schools, Tampa, FL

“FastForward is a great program. I wish everyone could use it. It helped me. I didn’t think I would ever be able to get my GED and now I am going to be able to get a good job in HVAC. “

–Gary, Incarcerated student at Laurel Co. Jail, London, KY

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