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Aztec Software’s Continuum of Learning is a series of computer-based, instructional programs focused on core academic areas, along with skills for ABE and HSE test preparation. The Continuum provides instructors and students with tools needed to diagnose, remediate, instruct and learn, utilizing ongoing formative assessments to guide learning and instruction.

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Key Features

  • The Continuum provides instruction from the 0.5 Grade Level Equivalency all the way through high school equivalency and then on to community college or workforce entrance.
  • Students are provided with personalized learning plans that maximize instruction time and Measurable Skill Gains. Students can progress through the entire spectrum of Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs), while all on the same learning platform.
  • Learning experiences utilize multiple modalities including audio/visual elements that provide for a deeper degree of interest and immersion in the learning experience.
  • Courses allow teachers to create individualized learning plans through the creation of custom classes to meet the specific needs of each learner.
  • Instructional materials are aligned to the National Reporting System EFLs as well as CASAS, TABE, GED, HiSET, TASC and Accuplacer. When learning objectives shift, updates are provided automatically within each learning series provided by the Aztec Continuum of Learning.

Sample learner dashboard.

Sample activity in practice test.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Each Aztec Software learning series goes through a rigorous, evidenced­-based development process to create assessments, lessons, practice drills, and the user experience. New lessons and practice tests are created through an exhaustive methodology that is designed to maximize student achievement while adhering to the national requirements outlined by the NRS. Ongoing monitoring of new lesson components adds to the robust development process. Aztec Software relies on the research of Malcolm Knowles, Dorothy MacKeracher, and others to inform the instructional design process.

What They're Saying

“In all of the years that I have taught basic literacy I have never had a program as successful as the Aztec Basic Literacy Series has been with my students. The program is engaging, easy to use and as importantly provides a simple system that enables my staff to track student progress and results.”

—–Maria Lopez Callo, Director, Literacy Program for Texas

“Our students have really done well academically using Aztec as a primary resource. They have said that they like the way information is given and have been really excited that they can continue their learning outside of the classroom; in fact, several students have passed the GED tests with only Aztec as their resource for review and practice.”

—–Margaret Harris, Director, Programs/Services, KANSE

“I feel much better prepared for the Accuplacer test after working in the Aztec program. The software showed me where I needed more study and taught me things I should have known but really didn’t understand.”

—–Carlos Cabarra, Student, Chicago Illinois

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