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Essential Education

Essential Education offers a complete suite of adult learning programs – online, offline and print. The flagship series is the HSE Academy (GED Academy, HiSET Academy, TASC Academy) which utilizes adaptive learning to customize learning plans with engaging, mobile-­ready, research-­based lessons. Other programs include the TABE 11/12 and CASAS Academies.

Cost: One Time Purchase (tiered) Learn more about pricing.

Key Features

  • Adaptive learning engine individualized instruction ­
  • Lessons use a highly engaging avatar format to deliver exceptional instructional content with real-world examples ­
  • Learning Management System provides rich reporting with intuitive navigation and student management. ­
  • Mobile­-ready and offline versions allow program access to students in all areas of adult learning ­
  • Print products are integrated into the technology to support varied learner styles ­ Life skills courses print certificates to demonstrate skills learned.

Engaging and motivating Student Homeroom

Simple and intuitive Learning Management System.

Exceptional reporting and diagnostics.

What They're Saying

“My students like the animation and the progress charts. I like being able to assign a lesson to the class or an individual.”

–Robin Haupt Adult ED/SPOKES/TIS Mineral County Technical Center

“GED Academy presents engaging instruction that is easy to understand and in short enough segments to keep students’ attention. The management system is user­-friendly and provides both teachers and students with excellent tools and resources. Students enthusiastically use this program to reinforce, reteach or extend classroom learning.”

–Susie Morss Director, Adult Education Cochise College

“Essential Education has provided the Los Angeles Public Safety & Corrections an interactive way to educate our students. The capability of being able to utilize print materials and interactive online learning has increased student performance at all levels. Not only does Essential Education prepare our students for the HiSET and TABE, it also provides them the opportunity to utilize computers, in this technologically advanced society.

—Andrea Buttross, Education Director LA Department of Public Safety & Corrections

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Teachers should do the Quick Start webinar either live or via recorded version as soon as possible. ­
  • Administrator should respond to Essential Education trainer to be sure settings are clear and questions are answered. ­
  • All user’s should be familiar with the Tech Guides outlining technology requirements. ­
  • Set up student accounts as soon as possible and start learning!
Other Digital Resources

Essential Education offers many free teaching resources for adult educators including webinars and print resources.

View all products and programs here or request a demo at info@essentialed.com

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