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Applied Digital Skills

Applied Digital Skills is Google’s free, online digital skills curriculum. It uses video- and project-based learning to teach adults critical life and job skills for the evolving market.

Cost: Free

Key Features

  • A free online resource developed by Google to support digital skills gaps in adult education and the workforce
  • Designed based on the proven effectiveness of project- and video-based learning
  • Results in an industry-recognized credential for G Suite in the workplace
  • The self-paced curriculum that can be used independently or in an instructor-led class
  • Over 200 hours of content to choose from with lessons as short as 45 minutes

Videos guide learners step-by-step through building projects like starting a new resume.

Over 200 hours of lessons are available to browse to help meet a wide range of learners’ goals.

Individual lessons are composed of a series of videos, making big projects more manageable.

Evidence of Effectiveness

Applied Digital Skills was developed for and by educators and designed to address digital skills and workforce trends noted by the Department of Education as critical for the evolving job market. It is based on extensive internal research and piloting as well as proven models of project-based learning in adult education.

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Every lesson is accompanied by optional lesson plans and rubrics
  • Free guides to getting started available online
  • Extensive email support, webinars and professional development sessions for instructors
Other Digital Resources

Applied Digital Skills is available for free online on its website.

Applied Digital Skills prepares adults to take the industry-recognized G Suite certification exam.

A Teacher Resource kit helps instructors get started quickly with the curriculum.

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