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Jobspeaker Inc.

Jobspeaker is bridging the gap between education and employment for the skills-based economy. The platform enables collaborative engagement across your region with local High Schools, Workforce Boards, CBOs, Colleges to achieve better outcomes for all. Jobspeaker’s collaboration platform enables students to better align with careers and understand the education required.

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Cost: Custom Free Freemium Per Usage

Key Features

  • Collaboration | Jobspeaker enables loose or tight collaboration across an institution, district, region or state from K-12, to College, Workforce Agency or CBO via API integration into existing systems.
  • Skills | Jobspeaker maps the skills earned by a student in their education in order to align them with matched opportunities in the workforce via its mobile-first app.
    Work Based Learning | Jobspeaker helps institutions create, manage and report against all work-based learning initiatives (internships, site visits, apprenticeships), including managing objectives, timesheets and evaluations.
  • Case Management | Jobspeaker’s case management tool eliminates double/triple entry, increases efficiency and enables granular reporting for your caseload/student body.
  • CRM | Jobspeaker helps each institution manage its relationships with its clients, both student and employers. For employers, our platform offers you the ability to profile each company, view reporting on their engagement with you, maintain relationships at different levels, and identify new potential employer partners.

Enables student-based local, regional and statewide collaboration among all parties

Jobseeker ePortfolio: Student presents their unique skill profile, converts immediately into resume

Admin portal helps keep track and report on activity: jobseekers, employers, opportunities, events, etc.

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • Our customers are mostly community colleges and workforce where we engage with students/jobseekers with anywhere from 0 to 30+ years of experience
  • We also work either directly or in-directly with workforce boards with their adult population to get them back into the workforce after a career event
  • Within our client base of over 50 institutions, Jobspeaker provides their clients (students/jobseekers) access to help them understand where jobs/opportunities lie, helps them prepare for their job search and present themselves better for employment
  • Our clients are typically colleges or workforce entities that support those with fewer options, those that are looking to re-train, or looking for a better job (nearly half of all students in community colleges are age 22-39, 10 percent are over the age of 40)
  • What They're Saying

    “Jobspeaker addresses the disconnect between student skills and employer’s needs. Their platform provides an essential instrument that connects interests and opportunities from employers with skills and abilities of students. The Jobspeaker team delivers on their promise to provide better jobs, better reporting and better employees..”

    —Randy Morales, LEAP Project Manager, Cerritos College

    “Jobspeaker provides a comprehensive platform that engages our students in their career path and employers in on-campus jobs, work-based learning, and employment while tracking outcomes. Plus their team provides outstanding customer service.”

    —Stephanie Baltazar, Program Manager, Bakersfield College Student Employment Department.

    Key Tips for Implementation

    • Enterprise integration in order to reduce hurdles for your jobseekers and employers.  
    • Import data from your old systems to reduce launch schedule.
    • Integrate into your existing systems to sync data about your jobseekers, employers and opportunities. (e.g. SIS, SSO, ATS, etc.)
    • Provide collaboration across other institutions within your region.
    • Provide ongoing support and customizations.
    Other Digital Resources
    Promotional video about the Jobspeaker platform

    Education brochure describing the details of how we help engage students, college and employers.

    Slide deck overview of regional engagement with your jobseekers/students, educators and workforce.

    Walkthrough of product screenshots for each of the student, employer and institution interfaces.

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