An online, skills-based volunteering platform, Nepris virtually connects learners of all ages with industry professionals from their region and across the globe through live, interactive engagements. Nepris enables workforce boards to connect job seekers with local employers for virtual workplace experiences, career preparation and exploration.

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Key Features

  • Industry-offered live, virtual sessions for multiple learners anywhere to join, focused on topics important to career development
  • Educators and workforce center staff can request industry engagement to bring real-world relevance and career exposure to learners.
  • Career Explorer tool allows learners to compare careers side-by-side—from required education and salaries to personality and work styles—and connects with 7,000+ videos of past industry engagements covering 200+ careers.
  • Robust database of 25,000+ global industry experts across every industry and speciality to provide assistance, answer questions, and help advance learners on their path to a successful career.
  • Ability for workforce boards to white-label Nepris to build the network and engage regional employers with local job seekers.

With Career Explorer, learners can compare careers and their details side-by-side.

The Video Library includes 7,000+ videos of past engagements for learners to explore careers.

Industry Chats are live, industry-created sessions that multiple learners everywhere can join.

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • TextIn a 2016 study sponsored by AT&T and Communities in Schools, 80%+ of learners said their Nepris engagement increased their overall interest in STEM, while 90%+ said they learned something new and 75%+ planned to apply what they learned to their future career goals.
  • In a 2018 Nepris survey of over 3,000 students, 90% of learners said the Nepris engagement made their current class or workshop more interesting, while 70% said it made a direct impact on their future career plans.

What They're Saying

“I am so grateful to Nepris for opening the doors of the world to my students! Seriously, this is a game changer.”


“Nepris has quickly become one of the primary tools we use to connect core teachers, career and technical education teachers, counselors, librarians, and workforce development staff with local business and STEM professionals.”

– Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition, Texas

“I think Nepris is amazing and can’t say enough about the connections that students make via sessions like this.”


Key Tips for Implementation

  • Goals, metrics for success, timeline, and benchmarks are defined by key stakeholders, and recurring meetings are set to track progress.
  • Nepris assists in development of custom framework built around specific program needs.
  • Administrators, educators, and all workforce center staff are fully trained by Nepris specialists, either virtually or in-person.
  • Holding virtual events built around the needs and priorities of the program, as well as the regional employers, help to create an easy and exciting launch with continued growth.

Case Study

In New Braunfels, TX, the Economic Development Board and Chamber of Commerce partnered with Nepris to create a white-label version of the Nepris platform, connecting local learners with regional employers. Through the white label, Becky, an advisor at the Central Texas Technology Center, requested to virtually connect her adult students with a nursing professional to get first-hand expertise from someone in the industry.

Because of the white label partnership, Nepris connected these students with an expert at a local employer: Elizabeth Cardenas, Chief Nursing Officer at Resolute Health Hospital. Elizabeth discussed the various nursing jobs available and how she organizes shifts at Resolute. She also shared her story of when she was in nursing school and her supervisors worked with her difficult schedule. As a result, she is “paying it forward” and offers that flexibility to her nurses now, too.

In just 15 minutes, one student reported that this conversation helped her decide which nursing program to pursue, while another student applied for a position outside of nursing at Resolute. All this with 0 miles traveled. Today, dozens of local employers utilize the New Braunfels Nepris white label, with 10,000+ learners and job seekers impacted across the community.

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