Signal Vine

Signal Vine provides an AI-powered, intelligent text messaging platform that allows users to engage with their audience at scale while personalizing conversations with existing user data. Users can save time while delivering the right message, to the right individual at the right time all through a user-friendly software platform.

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Key Features

  • Blended Messaging® | Automate messages and replies where it makes sense while allowing for individual response where needed. Connect existing data sources to personalize your communication.
  • Automated Replies | Take control of your workload and set up replies that are automatically sent to students when they text in. You determine when an automated reply is sent—and when you want to respond personally.
  • Contact Management | Determine what data you want to use with your contacts, how you want it structured, and how it’s best incorporated with your existing data sources. Signal Vine can customize your contact views to fit your needs.
  • Reporting and Analytics | Track employee engagement, response rate, and overall effectiveness of your campaigns. That way, there’s no guessing whether your messages are having an impact.

Blended Messaging® allows you to connect CRM or SIS data to segment and personalize communication.

Coordinated organization-wide communication allows organizations to improve staff experience and ensure successful outreach.

The message calendar allows one to coordinate campaigns and avoid sending recipients too many messages.

What They're Saying

“Implementing text messaging will be one of the best decisions you make. It will enhance student engagement, it will strengthen your relationship with students and open accessibility between you and students.”

– Nefertiti Francis, TWA Career Advancement Coach, The Door

“Signal Vine has increased our efficacy and operational efficiency. It helps us help students avoid common mistakes, it helps us recruit students, and it helps us build relationships with at-risk students which is central to their success. It’s easy to use, and the support from the team is excellent.”

– Karla Krodel, Director of Metro Credit Education Outreach, Youngstown State University

“Even beyond texting, Customer Service is fantastic, always quick to respond, always a pleasant experience, and I appreciate how you’re nimble and adapt to our needs.”

– Stephanie Clark, Admissions Coordinator, Shenandoah University Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Meet with the texting team ahead of the implementation process to identify major events, deadlines, and topics to message about.
  • Think about what data to integrate with Signal Vine or data to capture from text responses. Implementations typically run from 4-8 weeks, so it’s important to choose a timeframe wherein you’ll have the time to craft a message campaign and prepare data.

Case Study

The Orange County Asian And Pacific Islander Community Alliance (OCAPICA) was looking for an alternative channel to communicate with temporary and seasonal workers. They wanted to provide nudge reminders about timesheet due dates and payroll follow up so that employees would be paid for their work. Using Signal Vine, the OCAPICA team was able to send text message reminders to large groups of workers instead of one-to-one communication. The platform allowed them to respond to individual questions that required response while still automating the outreach and standard replies. The team appreciated that multiple users could log-in and use the platform while presenting a single voice to workers. They found that workers were much more engaged and that Signal Vine provided a more fluid two-way communication channel. OCAPICA was able to personalize responses with tools like emojis while also establishing personal relationships without providing their own mobile phone numbers. The OCAPICA team found that the platform provided a seamless process for connecting specific job inquiries to the right advisor. During the first use of the platform, they saw a 49.3% engagement rate for the adult workforce program with 16% of the groups responding to over 50% of the messages.

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