stickK is a free goal-setting platform that helps users leverage the power of incentives and accountability through the creation of Commitment Contracts. Through Commitment Contracts, users create goals, set the stakes for their goals, ask a referee (if desired) and friends and family to help them keep their commitments.

Categories: Coaching
Cost: Free

Key Features

Commitment Contracts ask users to:

1) Define a goal

2) Put money on the line (if you want)

3) Invite a Referee

4) Invite Supporters

Create a goal within a range of commitment categories, from career to health to relationships.

Monitor progress through weekly reports and a commitment journal. Set the stakes to stay committed.

Select a referee to help keep you on track toward your goal.

Invite friends and family to share your goal and ask for support and encouragement.

Evidence of Effectiveness

stickK was created by behavioral economists at Yale University. Years of academic research have proven that using stickK Commitment Contracts and incentives can more than triple an individual’s chances of reaching their goal.

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