SkillSmart matches job seekers and employers based on skills earned through work, education or life experiences. After employers define and prioritize skill requirements into job descriptions, job seekers use SkillSmart to match to jobs they are qualified to fill, understand skills gap, and discover local training to become competitive for specific jobs.

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Key Features

  • SkillSmart gives job seekers a greater chance at success because they can see how the skills they’ve gathered from life experiences (volunteerism, military, and more) make them a fit for jobs.
  • Job seekers also get insight into where they need a boost to their skill set, with links directly to local, aligned learning opportunities.
  • Résumés can be uploaded into the system, which automatically translates jobseeker experiences into skills and asks simple additional questions to uncover other skills.
  • Employers get the best fit candidates and better understand the skills and skill gaps of job seekers within a community.

Upload your résumé, answer some simple questions, and build a profile.

Find jobs you are qualified to fill based on your skills.

Learn your SkillScore for a specific job and apply from the tool (or connect with ways to upskill).

Evidence of Effectiveness

  • A mother finds out that years at home caring for her paraplegic son has prepared her with skills to work in insurance customer service.
  • An unemployed Milwaukee resident who is good with his hands gets the chance (and a bit of additional training) to help build the city’s new arena for the NBA’s Bucks.
  • One-hundred fifty underserved residents at risk for homelessness find training and opportunity for family-sustaining wages at a new resort casino.

What They're Saying

“SkillSmart’s model allowed us to clearly understand the skills required to work at MGM Springfield − helping us provide our clients access to the right training to in order to become stronger applicants and, ultimately, get hired into good jobs. In fact, we were able to help 100 clients get hired by MGM Springfield using SkillSmart’s simple, straightforward approach.”

–Vanessa Otero, COO, New England Farm Workers Council

Key Tips for Implementation

  • Access the platform on CHROME, FIREFOX, or SAFARI (not Internet Explorer).

Case Study

Read this case study, detailing the employer’s story of using SkillSmart to improve hiring and retention outcomes for a new large hospitality employer.

Link to case study file


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