Credly’s digital credentialing platform helps transform knowledge, skills, and abilities into a common, verified language that empowers organizations and creates opportunities for individuals.

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Key Features

  • Issue portable, verifiable digital credentials to 200 earners or 2 million; Credly’s enterprise-class scalability makes it easy and reliable.
  • A straightforward interface for organizations to integrate with and individuals to share digital credentials to various online destinations including LinkedIn and blockchain.
  • Comprehensive analytics that will help your organization understand the broader impact and reach of your credentials.
  • Labor market insights sourced from more than 25,000 global job boards and career sites, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics surface for earners how many active job postings require your credentials, view the locations where skill sets are most in demand, and find the top employers and salary ranges for job titles related to their credentials.
  • Accessibility that enables users to fully interact with the Credly platform, regardless of the device they use.
  • A credential earner can manage, share & provide verification of skills through Credly.
    Employers can verify and gain context around a credential earner’s achievements through Credly.

    Evidence of Effectiveness

    • Jobseekers report a positive impact on their ability to get a job or a promotion as a result of sharing their digital credentials through Credly’s digital credential platform.
    • Digital credentials are transforming the competencies, processes, and technology required of the 21st century workforce, along with the benefits they provide to individuals that earn credentials from an organization. See white paper.
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