Evidence of Impact

Assessing evidence of impact and aligning it with existing benchmarks verifies that the AI solution effectively enhances educational outcomes
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How can the provider demonstrate that their AI solution has a positive impact on educational outcomes for students and offers substantial support to educators, including sharing instances, data, or case studies from comparable environments?

No technology is perfect but by asking the right questions about a technology and carefully considering our capacity to effectively leverage it, we can maximize impact.



Proven Impact:

Can you provide evidence of the AI solution’s effectiveness in improving educational outcomes, such as case studies, data analyses, or reports from pilot programs? Is this evidence publicly accessible?

Comparative Performance:

How does the tool’s performance and impact compare to educational technology benchmarks or standards, and what advantages does it offer over traditional teaching methods?

Ongoing Support and Updates:

How do you support educators and institutions in implementing and maximizing the impact of your AI tool?



Tracking Impact:

How will you track and measure the impact of the AI tool on student learning outcomes and engagement?

Benchmarks for Success:

What benchmarks will you use to evaluate the success of integrating the AI tool into your educational practices?


How will you reflect on and adapt your teaching practices based on the feedback and results from using the AI tool?


A vocational training center uses an AI-enhanced job training program for adults. An AI system delivers personalized and adaptive training experiences that offer learners a credential upon completion. Educators and program evaluators monitor progress, iteratively make adjustments to the program and align the tool’s credential to established benchmarks. Regular assessments and AI analysis predict participants’ employment outcomes. Several programs work together to collect and share data-driven insights regarding job placement and retention rates for trainees.
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The AI Integration Framework was adapted, with permission, from the "Top 6 Questions for GenAI EdTech Providers" resource developed by AI for Education.

This is one dimension of the AI Integration Framework.

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